Project Management
Operation & Maintenance

 Operation & Maintenance

We provide O&M Services with the following approach: Eclipse Management will run your operations with the same quality and efficiency as we run ours.

Our O&M team monitors the new and upcoming technologies and evaluates their applicability to our current contracts, helping our clients to transform and evolve while becoming more efficient.

Eclipse Management is keen to take over non-core areas of our clients (such as Systems, IT related functions, maintenance,…) enabling them to focus on strategic projects and initiatives as well as their core business.

With this approach Eclipse Management has build long term trusted relationships with all our clients.


Transactional Systems

Control Centers

Testing & QA


Contract Management

Infrastructure Monitoring

IT Outsourcing


Savings Projections

Insourcing vs Outsourcing

Outsourcing KPIs

Negotiation Strategy

Outsourcing Management

Current Situation Evaluation

Insourcing vs Outsourcing Map

Strategy and Negotiation

Continuous Support

Our team is well experienced in identifying which services shall continue within the organization (personnel, cost, quality, reputation,…) and which services shall be Outsourced to external organizations (experience, cost, frequency, availability,…) and mange them through a KPI regime.